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Whisolo Chromatic Whistle
The Whisolo is a piccolo, converted to play as a chromatic penny whistle.  I
machined a piece of  half-inch brass tubing to fit the tuning slide of a piccolo. The
mouthpiece is machined from Delrin.  Below are sound samples.  Contact me at if you are interested.

Abigail Judge

2. My Dermot

3. Crested Hens

I chose these tunes because they all contain notes and runs that are awkward to play
on a standard whistle.  Abigail Judge has Eb, Cnat and Bb.  My Dermot has Cnat,
Fnat and triplet runs of  A, Bb, Cnat.  Crested Hens has Cnat and Eb.

Here is a newly recorded tune, using a mouthpiece custom made for the converted
piccolo (with only one mistake and one door slam):
Liberty Bell March
I recorded a couple of tunes by JS Bach to show the
versatility of the Whisolo.  Both of these tunes use every
sharp, flat and natural in the musical scale at least once.
Bourree      Gavotte
Whisolo Price: C$250
Headjoint only: C$160

Shipping: C$25, within N America;
0, elsewhere
Here are two Whisolo tunes sent by a satisfied customer.
Paisley Falafel
Here's a Youtube video from a whistler in Scotland, explaining
the advantages of the Whisolo over a standard whistle.

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