David O'Brien makes brass, aluminum
and wooden pennywhistles in Campbell
River, British Columbia, Canada.  These
professional-quality instruments are
available in a variety of keys and styles,
as well as in sets with one head joint and
two or three body tubes in different keys.
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This page last updated on 5/12/2018
Here are a couple of tunes, played on bocote
Rovers by Ciaran De Bhal (Fleadh Cheoil) of
County Louth, Ireland:
The Longford Spinster
C Reel
Here is a photo of some Rover whistles that
are ready for shipping, as of October 24,
2018.  I will update this description as they are
spoken for.

From the top:

1. Birdseye maple, C
2. Bolivian Rosewood, D
3. Olivewood, D
4. Walnut, D
5. Solomon's Blackwood, C
6. Granadillo, C
The Chromalow is a chromatic low whistle with a standard flute body.  I use a tapered flute headjoint tube
and machine a Delrin whistle mouthpiece, using my standard design for low whistles. Click
here for more
Here is a YouTube video:  
Roslyn Castle on Chromalow Whistle
The Chromalow, a chromatic low whistle