David O'Brien makes brass,
aluminum and wooden
pennywhistles in Campbell River,
British Columbia, Canada.  These
professional-quality instruments
are available in a variety of keys
and styles, as well as in sets with
one head joint and two or three
body tubes in different keys.
This page last updated on 19/2/2017
Here are a couple of tunes, played on bocote
Rovers by Ciaran De Bhal (Fleadh Cheoil) of
County Louth, Ireland:
The Longford Spinster
C Reel
Whisolo News
My source for composite ebony powder and resin piccolos has dried up, so the Whisolo Pro will no longer be
offered.  I have one left.  As well as the standard metal Whisolo, I am offering a black resin one that has a
mellower sound.  The price for either is C$225.
Now Available: Wooden Presentation
A wooden case, with brass hinges and clasps would show
off your Rover or Rover set nicely.

Lined with felt, these cases measure 7"x3.5"x1.5".

See the Cases and Bags page for more photos.
Here is a photo of six Rover whistles that
are ready for immediate shipping, as of
February 1
9, 2017.  I will update this
description as they are spoken for.

From the top:

1. Roasted birdseye maple, D (SOLD)
2. Morado, D (SOLD)
3. Roasted tiger maple, D
4. Delrin, D
5. Granadillo, C
6. Roasted birdseye maple, C