David O'Brien makes brass,
aluminum and wooden
pennywhistles in Campbell River,
British Columbia, Canada.  These
professional-quality instruments
are available in a variety of keys
and styles, as well as in sets with
one head joint and two or three
body tubes in different keys.
This page last updated on 03/08/2016
Here are a few photos of a new wood I can now offer.  It is tempered birdseye
maple from a supplier in Arizona.  Tempering is a process of heating the wood in
a low-oxygen environment.  The result is more stable, darkened in colour and
more water-proof than the original wood.  These photos do not do the grain
justice.  It seems to move, depending on the direction of the light.  
Here are a couple of tunes, played on bocote
Rovers by Ciaran De Bhal (Fleadh Cheoil) of
County Louth, Ireland:
The Longford Spinster
C Reel
Whisolo Pro
I am now taking pre-orders for the new Whisolo Pro.  It has a piccolo body made from a composite of 50%
ebony powder and 50% ebonite.  The tone is much sweeter than the original, metal body Whisolo.  The body has
a larger outside diameter, making it very comfortable to play.  I will be ordering the first batch of piccolos within
the next few weeks (by the middle of August, 2016).  Email me at david@obrienwhistles.com if you would like
to be one of the first to own a Whisolo Pro.  Here's a short video I made to show the new Whisolo Pro:

For another video of myself, playing Roslyn Castle, a Scottish air in Dm, click
Here's the Liberty Bell on Whisolo with guitar accompaniment.