David O'Brien makes brass,
aluminum and wooden
pennywhistles in Chilliwack,
Canada.  These
professional-quality instruments
are available in a variety of keys
and styles, as well as in sets with
one head joint and two or three
body tubes in different keys.
This page last updated on 10/07/2014
Here is an O'Brien copper
whistle that accompanied an
American medic in Iraq for
several years. Click
here to read
some letters from the soldier
 Here are a few photos of a new wood I can now offer.  It is tempered birdseye
maple from a supplier in Arizona.  Tempering is a process of heating the wood in
a low-oxygen environment.  The result is more stable, darkened in colour and
more water-proof than the original wood.  These photos do not do the grain
justice.  It seems to move, depending on the direction of the light.  
In the photo below, you can see a
couple of new types of wood I am
offering.  On the left is E
and on the right, granadillo.  
Granadillo is from Central America
and is used for marimba bars.  It is
very hard, takes a nice shine and
makes a great sounding whistle.
Here is a series of photos showing the
making of a pair of purpleheart Rovers.
The Whisolo is a keyed pennywhistle. It is made from a
standard piccolo body and the same mouthpiece I use on my
narrow-bore brass whistles.  Click
here to see photos and
hear samples.  
Here is a Youtube video where you can see it
put through its paces.